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What is the ADP AdvancedMD Medical Billing Service Network?

The Medical Billing Service Network is a national collection of independent medical billing companies who provide medical billing service best-practices in revenue cycle management and consulting. Each medical billing service has proven success in supporting specific specialties on the leading, web-based ADP AdvancedMD medical billing services software. The billing services also include a number of clinical and practice management features such as integrated EHR, scheduling, ePrescribing and eEligibility checking, that can be provided by these medical billing services to further improve the workflow and processes within the Physician Practice.

10 Reasons to Outsource through the ADP AdvancedMD Network

If any of the following apply to your practice, you should consider doing business with a preferred Medical Billing Service in your State.

  1. You struggle with cash flow; Your account receivables are unmanageable
  2. You want access to powerful financial checks and balances
  3. You want to reduce expenses related to in-house staff; You want to reduce hiring and training costs due to high staff turnover through outsourcing to a medical billing service
  4. You want a trusted medical billing service advisor to provide regular A/R reviews, reimbursement trends and financial performance reports that provide insight into the financial health of your practice
  5. You want to reduce the chance of unbilled claims due to lost encounter slips and speed up the transfer of claims processing information through an integrated billing and practice management/EHR platform provided through a medical billing service
  6. You want qualified billing experts in charge of your billing without breaking the bank
  7. You want to spend more time with patients versus getting bogged down by administrative and financial management tasks
  8. You want access to expert practice management process and workflow knowledge from an experienced medical billing service
  9. You want a medical billing company that demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction
  10. You want a business partner more than just a medical billing vendor

Advantages of Working with a Preferred Medical Billing Service

The Medical Billing Services network represents a growing group of experienced medical billing companies who offer a wide range of medical services to match your specific practice needs.

  • Wide breadth of medical billing services, such as: credentialing, consulting in practice management / chart auditing /financial management, coding, charge entry, claims processing and payer follow-up, printed statements to patients, patient soft collection, call center services such as patient reminder calls, statement calls, and custom programming
  • Range of pricing models and medical billing service options
  • Experience with other medical practices of similar size and volume as your practice
  • Experience with other medical practices in your specialty
  • Work with someone with experience in medical billing in your state
  • Flexibility, scalability: Medical Billing Services have the expertise to offer products that will support the administrative and clinical aspects of your medical practice, enabling your practice to be more productive and profitable.
  • Paperless Office: EHR with customizable encounter and workflow templates, easy-to-train scheduling tools, automated electronic insurance verification, electronic prescribing with accuracy and safety checks, powerful management reports. Fully integrated, with electronic superbill transfer, to your medical billing service partner.